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Originally Posted by captainrevo1 View Post
people cant complete it in a few minutes. each mission has to run for at least 15-20 minutes or so or it wont qualify and they have wasted their time.

so if you take 20 minutes to complete then its fine. everyone will have to do the same. the wrapper mission itself does not repeat less than every 30 minutes so even if you spend 30 minutes on the mission you dont lose out on anything as no one can gain the rewards any faster (unless they use alts) but then we are quibbling over 5-10 minutes which is nothing.

Actually, for space battle missions, the upscaling in enemy count is paltry when you bring another 2-3 people in a team as heavy DPS. It makes a 20+ minute mission take about 3-5 minutes in a team, which would normally take me 20~30 minutes. Which is my whole point.

I know several groups of people who park 3-4 Alts outside of a space battle foundry mission zone, then team up, and finish it in about 5 minutes, change character, do it all over again, repeat, etc.

So my point stands, why am I being punished for taking the "normal" time of 20~30 minutes to finish a mission, when everyone else can spam the living daylights out of it with alts and teams, and cause the mission to be worthless after it's flagged red?

Sharpen [Rom] or Sharpen [Hirogen] is a good example on the KDF side. It takes me a good 20+ minutes to complete, but a full team can clear the space battles in around 5 minutes, if not faster.