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12-19-2012, 03:44 AM
So the rumor mill about the T4 shield passive changes are a little...well, some elaboration would be more than a little nifty, eh?

So the tooltip was ~1050/6s. There was an issue where the 6s was 1s. So it was actually ~6300/6s. Tada, complaints about it being borked.

Some folks have posted from Tribble that it's showing 265-288/6s. Course, couldn't get them to answer whether that was actually 6s or if it was like the previous 6s which was actually 1s.

Say we go with the 1050/6 and the 265/6.

It should have been 175/s. It was 1050/s.
With 265/6, you're looking at ~44/s.

So that's a drop from what should have been 175/s (but was 1050/s) down to 44/s.

We didn't have the chance to test the actual 175/s. It was the lol1050/s and now we're (well, not me - not yet, was only planning to take this on one of my three toons) getting ~44-48/s or so.

That is, unless that ~265/6 is actually ~265/s - which would work out to ~1590/6. Technically higher than the 1050/6 - but since we had 6300/6, it's actually lower.

So a wee bit of clarification with that might be helpful - even if somebody wanted to chirp in with what they saw on Tribble.

Now, speaking of the T4 passives - the Omega Graviton Amplifier - the kinetic proc.

751.4 kinetic damage to the hull - not affected by/ignores shields.
Not affected by resists.
Not affected by buffs.
Not affected by debuffs.
Regardless of what's going on, it's always 751.4... is that just a combat log display error - or - is it simply not affected by anything: ignores resists, buffs, debuffs?

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