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I know where you're coming from, as I'm trying to accomplish a similar thing with the relationship between Marcus and S'rR's, where his Human cultural values and morals have been challenged not only by Pentaxian bonding customs, but also the additional twist that S'rR's is not really his biological daughter, but a binary clone with what is essentially a hardwired Electra complex...
Sounds like a complicated relationship. Should make for interesting reading

Originally Posted by marcusdkane View Post
I definitely want to know more of what will happen to the boy, how he grows, and what he grows into. When I first wrote the character of S'rR's, she was supposed to be a 'background character' and an early teen in the Nemesis era, so when SOL jumped the timeline forwards a few decades, I was left with the necessity to 'update my crew', and discovering the woman she would have became seemed a logical thread to follow
Honestly, all I wanted was an unusual idea for this challenge, lol. Since writing it though, I have come to agree with you. That character has far too much potential to be just wasted.

My basic idea for what happens next is that he is taken to Earth, or maybe Trill, and fostered out for a few years. After that, he is entered into Starfleet Academy. Haven't thought much beyond that. I currently have a lot of writing on my plate (Jinx's background is turning into a novel it seems, lol - if anyone wants to read it, let me know), but I'll have to come back to this character later on.