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Originally Posted by virusdancer View Post
Engineer Ground to Space:

Reroute Power to Shields ---> Rotate Shield Frequency. Fine.
Cover Shield ---> buy a Phalanx Science Vessel for the Barrier Field Generator. Not fine.
Support Drone Fabrication ---> use Scorpions, drop deployable Turrets, roll a Sci for Photonic Fleet, or fly a carrier. Not fine.
Orbital Strike ---> almost any generic attack. Not fine.

That's the Engineer... discussing Engineer BOFF abilities would be another discussion. One I've had plenty of times about how things are missing from ground unlike Tac and Sci.

Carriers don't give the Engineer anything... since anybody can fly them. In a sense, it's making the argument that Tacs and Scis should be able to experience the Ground Engineer as much as the Engineer.

They need to address the mess that exists between Engineers on the ground and space (innate abilities as well as BOFF abilities).
Since anyone can fly any ship and use whatever BOFF Abilities said ship allows for, when you look at the class-specific skills, Engineers bring nothing to the table in Space. They're mostly survival instincts that, yes, in PvE can mean the difference between life and death but don't really have much of an impact in PvP. No Debuffs, Engineering Fleet is kind of a joke.

If anything, I think the whole Skill System needs to be revamped and tailored to each class with 2 specs for each class to choose from or mix.

Tactical Captains would be able to spec into boosting energy weapons Damage, Hit/Accuracy, Crit/Severity in one tree and in another tree could spec into Defense, Engines, Maneuverability, Disable Resistance

Science Captains would spec into either Shield Stripping, Resistance Debuffs, Power Drain/Siphon boosting abilities in one tree and in the other spec into buffing CC abilities like GW, TR, VM, CPB.

Engineering Captains would be able to spec into Shield Buffing, Resistance Buffing, Power Management/Transfer Efficiency in one tree while in another tree could spec into a Demolitions type that would boost kinetic weapons (torps, mines, and yes cutting beam), signicantly increasing their Damage, Crit/Severity, Hit/Acc as well increasing the effectiveness of whatever CC after-effects certain kinetic types produce (ie Plasma Torps/Mines, Tric Torps/Mines, Tachyon Trops/Mines etc). The Demo Tree would also boost Carrier Pets and Turrets.

Then there could be Neutral Tree available to all classess that boost power levels, shield and hull healing.