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Originally Posted by reyan01 View Post
Trouble is I don't think I've ever really seen an effective skittle/rainbow boat. They almost always have trouble taking down whatever they're shooting at without assistance, explode frequently, and then pretty much fly back in and repeat the exact same thing that sent them to respawn oblivion a few moments prior. They can be quite a menace too sometimes - fly in, get everything's attention, and then explode leaving everyone else to clean up their mess.

I've heard the argument, in Zone Chat, that equiping multiple weapon-types is more effective than using a single-type as the "enemies shields can't adapt to them all".
O, I was just summarising the argument, really. I didn't really see anybody disagreeing on that count, and I wouldn't ever go there myself. I was just pointing out that the argument wasn't really an argument, but confusion started by somebody wondering whether a good captain would be much hindered by mismatched weapon types.