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12-19-2012, 05:37 AM
First, I preface this post with the saying - fly whatever fits your playstyle. Who cares how fancy the ship is, if you don't fly it in the way that maximizes it's (and your) potential...

On that note - as mentioned before, the biggest thing the Odyssey has going for it over any other cruiser in the game is the 3 piece console set, a universal BOff or two, and maybe (not 100% certain) having 10 console slots. If you're an ace cruiser pilot, then by all means get this ship.

The Vesta, on the other hand, has quite a few features that put it above any other Science ship in the game - it's own 3 piece set like the Oddy, 10 console slots, only science ship that can mount DCs/DHCs, hangar bay, 2 universal BOff slots (LtCmdr 3 slot & Ens. 1 slot).

As a Sci captain, I got the Vesta and don't regret the purchase at all. Yeah, she's not an escort, but I didn't want an escort. Science ship turn rate is almost, but not quite as good as an escort, hull is even more papery than a 'scorts, and she's almost as slow on low engine power as a cruiser. Meanwhile, the shields are some of the best in the game. Aux cannons let me maintain a high Aux to benefit my Sci powers, it puts out some of the best DPS I've ever tossed from a Science ship, especially with the deflector-based "phaser lance" console, and slotting danubes in the hangar gives me decent enough pet DPS and a tractor beam to enhance my DPS. I slotted the Universal BOffs in a very Luna style (Science in the LtCmdr slot & Tactical in the Ensign slot, which with the Cmdr Sci, Lt Engie, Lt Tac is a 100% match to the Luna) which is one of my favorite power sets, but you can slot it in a method that maximizes your playstyle...
Well, with the upgrade announcement leaving NX and Connie fans in the dust again, can we restart / revisit the T5 Connie and NX threads - since they will no longer be "truly" endgame ships... (after we get the T5 versions, it'll be time to see them added to the T5U upgrade charts too...