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12-19-2012, 04:41 AM
That'd be fine, too. So long as each class shines and differentiates with those abilities. The only issue I might have with the Kit Innate system it seems less defined lest Cryptic do extensive testing and make sure the numbers balance between each class.

I know most people don't like restrictions and nor do I but currently, having every skill available to every class, some classes benefit more, when combined with some of their innate abilities, than others when they really shouldn't. Classes at this point are meaningless, Engineers even moreso.

Tacs generally spec for Damage but need only throw a few points around to tank just as well as a Sci Cap or Engineer.

Sci Caps generally spec for their Debuff and CC abilities which over time allows them either by team or alone have just as much competative capability.

Engineers just don't really shine in anything. They can heal, dps and tank but no better than anyone else.

It isn't any one thing but a combination various abilities, consoles and innates that serve some classes better than others.

But I'm all for either if Cryptic can just get the numbers right.