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Originally Posted by aquitaine985 View Post
Well, lets think about that for a moment, without looking ingame, without checking the wiki, just off the top of my head this year from your counting...

You were generous enough to count the Vesta three times as single ships, whoich i would not have done, so i'll be equally generous with my count.

Tholian Orb Weaver
Fleet Defiant,
Fleet Advanced Escrort,
Fleet Patrol Escort,
Fleet Destroyer,
Mobius Destroyer,
Wells Science Ship,
Fleet Galaxy,
Regent Assault Cruiser,
Fleet Assault Cruiser,
Fleet Excel,
Fleet Nova,
Fleet Nebula,

Thats just off the top of my head, i'm sure there are more and i'm not even counting the Klink side as there are so many varients of the same ship i get confused.

I think, you should re-evaluate the ratio.
There were 67 ships or so, no?
They added 74 ships or so, no?

Overall, they added 110% - or there were 210% as many ships...

There were 5 carriers, no?
They added 10 carriers, no?

So they added 200% - or there were 300% as many carriers...

So not counting the carriers in those original numbers...

There were 62 ships or so, no?
They added 64 ships or so, no?

They added 103% - or there were 203% as many non-carrier ships...

So, let's review:

Added 200% vs. added 103%.
300% as many vs. 203% as many.

Originally, they made up 7.4% of available ships.
Then they made up 10.6% of available ships.

What ratios do I need to review again?
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