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Originally Posted by maicake716 View Post
dont forget that the turn rate is nice and the inertia isnt too bad.

its the best all around science ship that can also focus on a single aspect of being a science.

the only thing itd need to make it even better is a 4th fore weapon slot. but then itd be an "escort" and not a science ship -rolls eyes-
Hey, it could be a Heavy Science Destroyer! Maybe a Science Warship?

How about a Heavy Battle Science Flight-Deck War Cruiser?

MMRE vs. Fleet Armitage:

-7300 Hull
+0.36 Shield Modifier
-1 Fore Weapon
+550 Crew
+1 Device Slot
-1 Eng Console
+1 Sci Console
-10 Wep Power
+10 Aux Power
-3 Turn Rate
-0.05 Impulse Modifier
? Inertia ?
Cmdr Tac, LT Tac, En Tac, LCdr Eng, Lt Sci vs. Lt Tac, Lt Eng, Cmdr Sci, LCdr Uni, En Uni
+Sensor Analysis
+Subsystem Targeting
Different consoles...
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