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12-19-2012, 06:09 AM
Originally Posted by hereticknight085 View Post
I was horrendously bored, so I decided to go full skittle-raptor with my KDF tac toon. I warned my team-mates from the get-go, but they were cool with it (advantage to almost everyone in the PESTF channel being friendly with each other) and we got started. Sufficed to say, full skittle DHCs are actually still very effective, simply because they are DHCs on a raptor. I wasn't averaging my usual 3k per hit that I get from running full disruptors, instead I was down to about 2k per hit. But I was still able to do enough damage to get get aggro and donatra aggro every so often.

So sufficed to say, skittle-boats are viable, even if not as effective as pure ships. It's mostly the player it would seem (I like to think I am a decent player, at least for PvE, I have no illusions to my scrubness at PvP), and since I am a 5/10 player, I made a skittle-boat work. I much prefer my full disruptor build however.

Anyways, sufficed to say, we won, and my team-mates were laughing at me once they realized I wasn't kidding XD.

So TL;DR =

Heretic was dumb enough to do a skittle-boat. And it worked. Wasn't as effective as a pure energy build, but can still work. So it comes down to purely player it would seem. Since I only lost 30% of my damage.
In which case it would seem that the majority of the players flying around in rainbow/skittle boats simply have bad ship setups.