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In which case it would seem that the majority of the players flying around in rainbow/skittle boats simply have bad ship setups.
It may not be bad ship setups so much as general incompetence in play. I mean, I was chaining abilities together like a boss, like most experienced players do (you know, constant TT uptime, CRF combined with APB and APO, the usual). A lot of those skittle and rainbow boats don't do that. Tbh, the majority of ships like that, I often wonder if they even have BOffs equipped, I see so few abilities activating.

But the reason why most of these skittle/rainbow boats die is they don't use tac team. I hardly ever see CRF/CSV/anything resembling an attack pattern. And EPtX? What's that? That's what really makes them weak and sets them apart. Their either lack of usage of BOff abilities, or incompetent usage if they do.
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