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12-19-2012, 08:16 AM
Approximately four to five days ago, I started to play an entirely different game. While some of these fixes are welcomed, I am going to hold off signing into "Star Trek: Online". Before I do jump back into the action, I would like to see if Cryptic will 'consider' the following:

First, the ground STFs have some serious glitches. Lag, overpowered npcs, one shot kills, running psycho Borg, etc... Something is extremely wrong with the stability and coding behind the ground stfs.

Second, the remodulator does not work effectively with the anti-borg gear. Regardless about if you have the Omega Reputation Power or not, the Borg adapt to the anti-borg weapons way too quickly. You have to remodulate too frequently. Its is interrupting the fun value of the ground stfs.

Third, the ground Omega/Maco/Honor Guard MK X - MK XII do not feel like they are 'special'. Even though they have neat looking visuals, the gear's only other redeeming element is the integrated remodulator. If these ground pieces are specifically geared towards fighting the Borg, why are they not powerful enough to impact the stfs? Perhaps this is a glitch? I don't know. I can see the Borg adapting slightly faster to the Anti-Borg weapons; however, they should not be doing so with the specialized gear.

Fourth, majority of the players are no longer playing ground stfs. While trying to queue into the ground stfs, I noticed that only a handful of people play them. If their difficulty settings, glitches, and rewards are the problem, perhaps someone needs to reexamine why people like to play the ground stfs. Even though I personally like having a challenge, I think Cure and Infected elite and norm have become way too difficult. I use to play those ground stfs, but now I avoid them like the plague.

Fifth, after I unlocked my ground stf weapons stores, I noticed some older items have been removed. Where are the Anti-Proton Pulsewave Rifles? Where are the other Anti-Borg weapon types? Where did the phaser minigun go?

Sixth, the reputation system, fleet bases, and embassy gates are too bloated.

Here is how it currently works to get one item:
  • Step One: Grind through a number of projects to level a single tier.
  • Step Two: Once you get to the end of a single tier, you have to grind more resources to claim it or activate its upgrades.
  • Step Three: Upon completing certain upgrades, you have to grind to obtain the provisions.
  • Step Four: Once the provisions are completed, you have to then grind to obtain resources to buy the desired item.

As a result of too much work going into grinding resources and unlocking gates, the players are not able to enjoy the items they obtain. Since they become fatigued from all of the resource gathering, people are giving up on playing the game. Everyone is getting cranky, annoyed, and fatigued. While I understand grinding seems to be a standard for MMOs, the game mechanic is making single-player offline games seem more enjoyable.

less grind = more fun.
less grind = more freedom.

On another note, I personally think "Star Trek: Online" has three different player bases. Withing one side of the room, you will find players that are accustomed to the grinding. Within the other side of the room, you will find players that are rpg diehards. At the center of the room, you will find people who like both types of gaming styles. As a result of have three different types of players, the grinding element of "STO" becomes problematic.

While the roleplaying crowd likes to play through Featured Episodes, the other crowd likes to grind out tons of resources. If "Star Trek: Online" keeps pushing for the grinding mechanic, the rpg gamers will eventually leave the game.

Since Cryptic has abandoned the development of Featured Episodes, exchanging them for the Foundry Spotlight, I do not see how they can come up with an easy solution.

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