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12-19-2012, 08:28 AM
Originally Posted by malkarris View Post
Well, they aren't going to give you a refund, however, you can use a respec token to blank the reputation choices, or so I've heard. You just have to blank all of your skills and it will erase those as well and you can rechose again. If you sign up for that PvP bottcamp thing, you can get a free one, otherwise its 500 zen. Oh, or if you're gold, you might have some free ones lying around.
Uh? Why wouldn't they give a refund? This is why you give refunds, this is the reason that refunds exist.

You get a refund when you take something back to the store for being defective, I don't expect the rules to change even though 'the store' is _forceing me_ to give it back because they feel it's defective when I am happy with my purchase as is.