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Maybe rein in the chest thumping a bit and get that link working.
Not "chest thumping" we are one of the largest and oldest fleets, and if you spend 2 -5 seconds and looked at the fleets that fly around you will see the 12th banner. From the main fleet, ALT fleet, to the KDF fleet. From PVP, PVE, to role play we're kinda everywhere in the game. All that happened was this....a job got done and a link was put up for any who wished to see it. As for the I think there are alot of 12th members with a smile on their face because we didnt see this coming.

The fix on a link last I heard is being worked on, this isnt a contest of "Im leet and everyone else sucks!", this was nothing more than "Hey we did this would you like to check it out?". If you see it any other way then your looking way too hard into it. Just be happy in the fact the STO is growing, from the makers to the gamers, we (everyone) are getting better everyday. From the folks that just enjoy the solo play to the folks who write up books about their ship, captain, and crew.

Thank you to everyone who worked so hard on this, thank you to my fellow 12th members and sto gamers for being a great bunch, and thank you to STO for posting us on the website and to all that took some time to check us out.