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Originally Posted by bortjinx View Post
I'm not in-game, so can't check that the OPs numbers are correct, but that is where I'm taking the numbes from. Here:

30 White Boffs, at 240 Dil each = 30 x 240 = 7200.

And like I said, when you are trying to complete those older special projects that take up so much of your Dilthium, when you only have a limited time to get the ones you are missing finished before they disappear again, then spending almost a day's worth of Dil grinding on Boffs (which used to cost a tiny amount of EC) is something I'd not be too happy about either.

If you think the OP's complaint is dumb, why don't you offer to help him resolve it? I mean, those Boffs aren't bound, so you could go and buy them for him since it sounds like you have no problems throwing your Dil at stuff you should be able to buy with EC.

I mean, these are the basic of basic Bridge Officers. Every new player needs Boffs. Not every new player has Dilithium, nor knows how to get Dilithium. now do you see the reason I don't like paying Dil for white Boffs?
New Players should Not be right away making a Starbase and forming a fleet and getting involved in one of the most Intensive parts of the game right away, Just like they shouldn't be jumping right into Elites. 30 White Boffs was not hard to do at all. I Solo'd it. Play The Game and you get all you need.
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