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i run a tact HEC with either peregrins, danubes, or SRUs depending on the situation and i now have the ability to get the purple scorpions and i was wondering if anyone who has these can tell me if their worth it? i know they have a chance to pop out the plasma DoT which sounds pretty nice to me as it bypasses shields and short of stfs where alot of things have no shields pergs generally suck when it comes to shielded targets. some thoughts and advice would be greatly appreciated before i make a decision on if i wanna shell out the dilith for these. thanks ahead of time
I use them on my vesta. DPS wise they are close to the peregrines. I would say, that they are more like the combination of the peregrines and delta flyers.

also, they should deal more pure dps than the peregrines (and they do ). the plasma torpedos deal more dps than quantums, and since the peregrines use phasers, dps wise the proc on the plasma cannons also will give an edge to them.

and I would like to mention, that the scorpions are easier to keep track of, than the peregrines, because of their engine trails, and general look and size

so if you use fighters a lot, I suggest you get the peregrines, but if you rarely use them, they do not worth the upgrade, we are talking about a few hundred dps difference.