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I was going to respond to Heritic last night but as I was setting there my back popped out. Ouch ouch ouch.. The kids were wanting to play STO anyhow. Now I can't get out of bed. LOL.

Way back when the earth was young, (I'm well past my 1000 days) I tried the rainbow/technicolor thing. I'd just made admiral upper half. I didn't play constantly back then like I do now. My family has even gotten involved now which they weren't back then. WoW was what we were all doing and still do every now and then.

Anyhow I was having troubles with my build. I don't remember what ship I was flying but it was before the excelsior had come out. I read as much as I could on the ship builds from the forums but I still went boom often but really no more often than anyone else.

I do recall that I tried every type of weapon that I could, switching them back and forth until I settled for APs.

One day in a enemy signal contact I saw someone blasting away with rainbows. I didn't notice at that time if he was making a dent or not. I thought it looked cool and remembered the Borg in Star Trek and how the could adapt to the weapons. Rainbows suddenly made since.

I took out all but one AP front and rear and added one of each other weapons type until the slots were full. I filled the tactical slots with directed energy consoles and went looking for a fight.

I entered a Borg enemy signal contact and started shooting away.

Hmmmm. Something was wrong. The probes weren't dying as fast as they did before. It took several seconds longer. My numbers weren't in the thousand like they weren't before. I moused over the weapons and saw that the DPS was quite a bit lower than it was before. I have the exact figures in my STO notes but they are jumbled with something else so I'm thinking they are running about 30 to 100 DPS lower.

I continued the mission until everything was dead and waited for the next round. While waiting I put everything back the way it was before. All antiproton. The mission started and things went boom again and the DPS was back where it was before.

The mission ended and I reinstalled the rainbows the way they were the first go.

The mission started and down went the numbers.

Someone yelled in chat, "LOL Rainbows." There was another remark that came by also bit it had a lot of $j)/@ in it.

Anyhow, I tried a couple more times and the numbers were low enough to make me decide against using rainbows or skittles. Plus the remarks from others were not cool and I didn't want that kind of publicity.

Rainbows and skittles are banned within my fleet. If anyone is seen using them they will be kicked. It's a small fleet of mostly family members but they know better.

To this day, if I see a ship with rainbows I am going to say in chat, "LOL Rainbows" if I get the chance.

On another note, I recently helped one member set up a fleet boat with the polarized disruptor beams. Holy moly that ship has some DPS.

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