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Captain Jay Yim is getting bored with just racing around the galaxy, and has found a new game for you to play! He has gotten his hands on the famous Kobayashi Maru simulation, and changed it up a bit to make it into a game for you to try!

Just search for "Kobayashi Maru" by JHawk1128 in the Foundry to give it a try.

From the discription:
You've always heard about it and now you have the chance to pit yourself and your crew against the famous "Kobayashi Maru" simulation. Will you violate the Organian Peace Treaty and attempt to save the crew of the S.S. Kobayashi Maru or honor the treaty with the Klingon Empire and sentence the Kobayashi Maru crew to death?
Time To Complete: ~20 Minutes
Dialog: Heavy
Space Combat: Moderate
Ground Combat: Moderate