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Late answer, a moron (pwebranflakes) needed to wave his e-peen around and I was randomly selected.
Not a pleasant experience; I understand why he has to use force, nobody would willingly.

Originally Posted by majortiraomega View Post
If he is going for a tank build, there is really no need for him to put a 9 in Energy Weapons Specialization. I run an escort with just 3 points and I have no trouble putting out damage.
No trouble putting out damage? What does that mean?
I'd understand arguments about gaining survivability or utility at the cost of damage, but just "having no trouble"? You put more points there, your damage will increase, if slightly.

Tanks usually do not run high weapons power, therefore these points will be wasted most of the time.
Yes, they do. A Cruiser can easily max both Shields and Weapons and should.
If you run low Weapons, you're not holding hate, so you're not tanking very well.

Driver coil is also an invaluable skill to have if you want to go a decent speed in Sector space.
Sacrificing combat performance for Sector Speed is dubious, especially when Driver Coil is such a small factor in Sector Speed compared to Engines, Slipstreams, Diplomacy and Fleetbase level.

Dropping Projectile weapons to 0 means effectively decreasing effectiveness of all torpedoes by 25%. Cruisers can not run 8 energy weapons effectively. It just drains too much power in the broadside (-80 all weapons power per volley). There have been numerous tests that can be found on the forums to prove that 6 beams function more effectively than 8 beams.
The sweet spot for a cruiser is 6 beam arrays and 2 torps/mines. Take away points in projectile weapons and cruisers lose their one effective spike damage ability.
Yes it does, yes they can, no it doesn't, -70*, no there haven't, no it isn't, no and no one over 12 cares about "spike damage".