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12-19-2012, 02:40 PM
According to the Info you get by right-clicking a set piece, it's supposed to 'drastically reduce all incoming damage for 1 second.' I think it's a red pulse from shields on KDF side, where I have the set, and whenever it happens during heavy fire my hull repair suddenly catches up thanks to the break in damage.

Edit: I was wrong, the red pulse is likely KHG shield proc. The three piece is a green tint to shields and an odd gem-stone like green energy structure around my ship. The tooltip now says "1% Chance when hit to reduce all incoming damage by approximately 99% for 2 seconds. This cannot occur more frequently than once every 30 seconds." since yesterday's patch. Looks like it isn't a buff to your resistance, but a debuff to the incoming fire with the number scroll showing incredibly small damage numbers above my ship when it is active.

I've actually never seen it in an STF yet, it was only against Rival Klingons in the Tau Dewa block that I saw it happen.

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