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Originally Posted by drkfrontiers View Post
Perhaps you right Thissy.

But personally, and this is just me, you could have one or the other. Both of them together, that's just bad.
Agreed on that. At this point, the only real strength the BoP has is the battlecloak. The universal boffslots have been whored out to various Federation/cross-faction ships to where it's not that awesome of an exclusive, and the ship class is deficient in all other respects except turning rate. It doesn't even have speed really working in its favor, because both the KHAS and the Steamrunner physically move faster on average (higher impulse modifier), and it moves the same speed as the escorts can.

Now, if they were to give the BoP 5 tac consoles and make the battlecloak more effective and useful (harder to break through, for example, and a bigger decloak buff), maybe I can agree with keeping the stats the way they are.

I've been noticing that the plasma proc annihilates the hull, unless it's a weak one. I've also been noticing that some players have really stocked up on skills, abilities, and weapons that enable 'em to shoot through the shields. I'm a BoP pilot in PvP, I don't have room for every tanking skill imaginable. Heck, I can't even carry sci team, because I carry two Tactical Teams (can't afford the doffs that would enable me to reduce that to 1 effectively).