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*Voporak regains consciousness, still in the nacelle pylon, and pulls out his tricorder*

Voporak: Well. Obviously no one checked in here. I suppose there's a good reason for that. According to the blueprints for the Odyssey class this corridor shouldn't exist.

*He looks at the tricorder again and tries everything to locate residual traces of the temporal rift*

Voporak: Aha! Chroniton particles. Computer, is the ship still capable of flight?

Computer: Flight can be maintained for 37 seconds.

Voporak: That will cut it close, but it's my only chance to pull my last trick.

*He climbs back into the stardrive section, heading for a hidden cargo bay. Once inside, he starts gathering components for something*

Voporak (as he assembles something that vaguely resembles a miniature warp core): Computer, transport all personell except for me off the ship on my command. Reroute all power including life support to the transporters, except for impulse engines.

*He walks down a hallway towards main engineering, carrying the device he has built. He sees a rescuer coming his direction*

Voporak: Engage transporters.

*Everyone but Voporak is dematerialized from the Dreadnought, only to reappear outside on land. A few minutes later Voporak enters main engineering*

Voporak (now going partly insane trying to get back to his time): Let's rock and roll.

*He pulls open a hatch, revealing a slot that matches the shape of the device. As he places it in, he taps a console*

Voporak: Captain's log. In my last attempt to fix the twisted situation I am trapped in, I am going to use the time-space displacer.

*He presses a series of buttons on another console. The ship rises and flies forward*

Voporak: But then again, how did I get into this reality?

*The ship hovers over the spot where he chroniton particles are, and Voporak intiates the displacer*

Voporak: Past...

*He links the displacer to the past*

Voporak: Present...

*He links it to the present*

Voporak: Future...

*And finally to the future*

Voporak: They have no meaning to me.

*He intertwines the two timelines, and space is visibly warped around the Dreadnought. But to his horror, the direction he set for the displacer goes out of control and activates into a time period he did not plan for*

Vopoprak: No... this can't be happening!

*He notices on the displacer's display that it is forming a temporal bubble, which snaps off into Voporak's timeline. The bubble surrounds and displaces a particular point in space-time, and everything becomes clear to Voporak*

Voporak: My goodness... I sent myself here!

*The Dreadnought disappears in a flash. But space is warped again and the U.S.S. Black Phantom-A appears. The Dreadnought is thrown back in time to when it first appeared in this reality. Starfleet Command's message about the Phantom's disappearance is also reverberated across timelines*

*Voporak opens his eyes in main engineering of his Defiant class ship. The crew that was on the Dreadnought remember everything, or up to when they were killed. The others not present before in this reality are in shock; to them, it appears as if the Phantom was in the Donatu Sector one moment, but now it is hovering above some M-class planet. Voporak of course remembers all that happened. He gets to his feet and goes to the bridge*

Voporak: Now I know what happened. But that still doesn't fix my problem. In fact, it seems I only created it. Take us into orbit, Adam- *he remembers that Adam is no longer aboard the ship* -I mean May (new helmsman (or helmswoman, rather)).

Voporak (as the ship ascends through the atmosphere): We have warp core, right?

Jirad: Yes sir, it is back.

*Voporak sits down in his chair and notes that the crew he transported off the Dreadnought is gone from the planet's surface. The Phantom enters orbit and sees the wreckage of the cube*

Voporak: Here I am again, and I still have yet to find a way out of this trap.
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