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Originally Posted by voporak View Post
I could take a boxed shuttle out to deep space in the Delta Quadrant, open it, and there it is in my shuttlebay. So I assume the same goes for big ships.

Shuttles are different. They use that same technology that those wet-and-grow novelty sponges use. That's how Voyager was able to carry 15,750 spares.

Now that I think about it, they more than likely had boxes and boxes of spare crew in the cargo bay... and once they were in contact with Starfleet they just ordered additional crew off the exchange am I right?
VORTA: I have heard disturbing reports -- we were told that you are grinding up Jem'Hadar exchange officers in a blender and turning them into training manuals?

STARFLEET CAPTAIN: Lies, I assure you. We would never do such a thing. It's really more of a giant press than a blender.