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Originally Posted by trekpants View Post
In western fashion, all mens button-up clothing folds left-over-right, and womens clothing folds right-over-left. Although this might not seem important, it's a very standard rule in the clothing industry that's been followed for several centruries.

Commonly, graphic artists tend to overlook this when designing characters for video games. The Winter Coats in Star Trek Online have also been subject to this type of error. It may seem like a nit-pick, but as of now all the Winter Coats being offered in Star Trek Online are technically womens clothing.

A simple reverse of the mens coats will fix this problem.

Here are a few articles for reference:
Actually the fold on the men's winter jacket being fold going from right to left is probably intentional. The jacket is obviously based off of the field jacket from Star Trek: Wrath of Khan. While the jacket itself had a straight zipper, the main uniform of the movie had that fold from right to left, so this is probably why it was done in this way.