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Originally Posted by stealthrider View Post
Tried out Tractor Beam Repulsors, and while the damage seems nice I'm finding the skill difficult to use and somewhat selfish. Am I wrong in thinking so? AM I just using it wrong?
it took some time for me to adjust with certain abilities. Remember: in STO you're one person controlling all the functions of a ship, where as in reality you would have crew members doing their thing in each department.
As for tractor beam repulsors, it takes some practice to push your enemies away. I've polished my ability to use that skill, and now it works wonders in STFs and Azura Nebula missions.
Tractor beam repulsors, I believe, are ideal on ships with less hull - in pvp or pve. For example on my Intrepid-class science vessel, or my Belerophon-class science vessel, it helps me compensate, in Azure Nebula for example, to push enemies away while you are taking heavy damage so that you can quickly circle back to the imprisoned ship (to free it).
T.B.R. is ideal on a large vessel, I believe, during PVP. Of course on a small science vessel its very useful in pvp when too many ships are baring down on you - or when you are fighting KDF who are cloaked; tracking, locating, et.c..
You just need to give it time. Of course science class captains are the best scrappers, but you might find out, later on, that your improving skills better match another class.
Just give it time and experiment