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Do I have to join to get a subscription?!

It's rhetorical ... but I do wish i could read more about STO from this point of view.
We are working on a way to have all of our issues archived in a place for non-12th fleet members to browse at will. The link will be in my STO signature when it is up and running. Currently though, I believe you get access to the archives if you make an account on our forums- don't have to actually be a fleet member. Like I said though, I'm working on it

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why it is so obvious that i have the odd impression that cryptic does just care for maricans, what about europeans , like frenchies, spanish, german.
it seems really that we are the fifth arm.
and it is not the impression of just me :an exemple spotlight missions in foundry always in english ...
I'm not sure what you are talking about- I'm Canadian Our fleet communicates in English, though we have many international people in our fleet. The guy who chooses what foundry mission to review is in Scotland so... *shrugs*

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BTW, can they (Cryptic) also secure interviews with other fleets? I'm favor of free publicity but there are tons of "great" fleets out there who would like to be given the same treatment. Just saying fair is fair and the forum should be open to "all" fleets not just exclusive rights to information.
I'm not sure how you think I go about getting an interview. I request an interview, not the other way around. Cryptic is not banging on my door begging me to interview Dan...

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Thank you for sharing!

Really cool magazine and a great read. Do you make a new magazine every month?
As SNDS said, we do aim for one once a month, but sometimes it is more than 4 weeks between issues, depending on how busy we are with RL. It is done entirely by volunteers who love our fleet and STO

Thanks for the comments and feedback everyone!

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