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After writing about the exploits of S'rR's Kane, I decided to write her Starfleet Biography, and I would appreciate any thoughts or feedback people may wish to offer. If I was to film said exploits, I would cast Elle and Dakota Fanning to portray S'rR's in her youth, and Amy Smart to portray her as an adult. I will warn folks now, that her character has some traits which are uncommon in mainstream literature, and may be unsettling to some... Bearing all that in mind, please feel free to give whatever feedback you feel appropriate, be it positive or negative:

Rank: Lieutenant
Serial number: SC 789-876
Current assignment: Cultural Ambassador to the Federation
Full Name: S'rR's "Siri" Kane
Date of birth: July 4th, 2375
Place of birth: Pentaxia
Genetic Sponsors: Marcus and Cameron Kane
Education: Pentaxian Militia, Pentaxian Royal Court, Starfleet Academy.
Marital status: Bonded companion of Marcus Kane

Personality Profile
S'rR's is outgoing and friendly, treating people of both higher and lower social status to her with the same courtesy and respect. She has an insatiable curiosity, and love of travel. Despite her good intentions, while not dishonest, she can resort to manipulative behavior to get what she wants, and can come across as possessive and smothering. By Human psychological standards, she suffers from an extreme Electra complex, which would not be considered abnormal by Pentaxian standards.

Physical Appearance
S'rR's is widely acknowledged as very attractive, standing six feet tall, with bolt straight ice-blonde hair. Her eyes are primarily a vibrant purple, with outer rings of slate grey. She has the physique of a long-distance runner, and has geometric Zildarni tattoos on her left arm, from shoulder to mid-forearm.

Strengths and Weaknesses
Combining her inherited traits and various sources of military training, S'rR's is a highly skilled intelligence operative. She is courteous and polite, and used to moving in the upper-most circles of galactic society, without being in any way aloof or condescending. While fiercely proud of her Pentaxian heritage, she is often mistaken as Human, and is deeply self-conscious of this, which leads to noticeable shyness with new acquaintances. Due to her experience of captivity, she is highly suspicious of Cardassians, and can panic if made to feel trapped, either literally, or by unavoidable circumstance.

Hobbies and Interests
S'rR's has a natural aptitude for athletics, gymnastics and martial arts. She has had lessons in playing the K'ln'rRa, an eight-stringed Pentaxian instrument which could best be described as an electric sitar, as well as a passion for three dimensional chess.

Childhood (2375-2391)
S'rR's is a binary clone, created via gene splicing techniques, and artificially gestated, as part of a military experiment in 2375, to attempt to further enhance the A'nla sh'k (the elite shock troops of the Pentaxian militia) by introducing the Lazarus gene to the already genetically enhanced Pentaxian samples. As her name suggests, S'rR's was the seventh attempted genetic fusion, and the only viable embryo. Her name is pronounced 'Cirrus', like the cloud formations, and is one of the few Pentaxian words which are easily pronounceable by Humans. Her closest friends call her Siri. Her biology is approximately 90% enhanced Pentaxian, and 10% immortal Human, with strengths and weaknesses of both species. While she has the enhanced coordination, cognitive abilities, strength and reflexes of any A'nla sh'k, the Human DNA fragments mean that instead of possessing a sh'an, and acidic blood, she has kidneys for blood filtration. Her eyes are considerably under-developed by Pentaxian standards, as she lacks both the lucidum tapetum, and nictitating membranes, which would protect her eyes from Pentaxia's twin suns, and allow her exceptional night vision. While her daytime eye sight is excellent, in the dark, she can see no better than any Human, and by Pentaxian standards, this lack of faculty would best be comparable to a Human with excellent vision, but who is also totally color blind. Perhaps as compensation for this, she possesses an exceptional sense of hearing, and by combining this hearing with an eidetic memory, is capable of navigating blindfolded. Unlike all other Pentaxians, who have extendable claws in the place of fingernails, S'rR's possesses two ten inch long claws in each forearm, which when extended, project from between the outer and inner fingers of each hand. As there is no natural exit point in her hands, the claws cut their way through each time, causing a burning sensation which S'rR's has become accustomed to ignoring, and the cuts heal immediately upon the claws retraction. This aberration of her claws is the result of the Human DNA modifying the Pentaxian DNA. Although her genetic structure contains elements of the Lazarus gene, S'rR's is not truly immortal. While she can heal any injury, even a mortal wound, within minutes, she ages as per Human and Pentaxian norms, and her injuries only ever heal in accordance with her condition prior to injury. While her body metabolizes and filters in the same way as a Human, drugs, poisons and toxins have only a passing effect, as her healing abilities quickly neutralize the physiological changes caused, rather than directly denaturing the agent itself in the blood-stream, as a full Pentaxian would. Her immune system is equally not susceptible to infections. Radiation-induced cellular damage repairs itself immediately once the exposure has ended, and although severing limbs does not cause them to re-grow, they do fuse back to the separation point perfectly when re-attached. In order to determine the limits of S'rR's' regenerative abilities, the scientists who were responsible for her creation would frequently subject her to brutal and damaging experiments, viewing her as nothing more than an experiment. In one instance, she was thrown from an aerial vehicle at a great height to see how quickly her body would repair itself, and in another, she was deliberately set on fire. Realizing that severed limbs would not automatically re-attach or re-grow, the scientists were unwilling to risk seeing what would happen if S'rR's were to be explosively dismembered, although the proposal was strongly mooted. During this time, she was given the same training as any member of the A'nla sh'k, and she was every bit as deadly. When S'rR's was nine years old, it was decided to see what would happen if she were to experience a massive head trauma, and she was shot through the head at point blank range with a projectile weapon. Rather obviously, the resulting wound was fatal, although S'rR's body was still able to repair the damage to itself and revive her. However, the trajectory of the bullet had damaged the memory centers of S'rR's' brain, and although the damaged tissues regenerated, her acquired memories were, some would say mercifully, erased. Days after this incident, the empress Ch'K'rr made a state visit to the facility and was introduced to her. Attempting to demonstrate the success of his experiment, the head scientist, S'ld'n set her on fire in front of the empress, so she could witness the results for herself. Rather than being impressed, Ch'K'rr was horrified by the negligence and brutality to which S'rR's had been exposed, immediately declaring S'rR's her ward, and removing her from the facility to live in the Royal Court. Due to the memory loss she had suffered as a result of S'ld'n's experiment, S'rR's became a blank canvas, never leaving Ch'K'rr's side, even going so far as to share a bed with her guardian. Ch'K'rr insisted that S'rR's be tutored as part of an in house teaching program, which allowed gifted children, as well as children from the noble houses and political elite to be educated by her own tutors in the imperial palace. Due to her genetically enhanced intellect, S'rR's was able to function at a normal social level despite her memory loss, and was re-educated to an age appropriate level within a matter of months. She became popular with the tutors and other pupils, although she was sometimes teased about being different to the others. In a rare outburst of rage, she confronted the other child physically, her claws extending for the first time since she had lost her memory. From then on, none of the other children would tease her, and she became the unofficial leader of their group due to her display of dominance. Curious to know where she came from, Ch'K'rr explained to S'rR's how and why she had been created, and explained that DNA from an immortal Human was what had made her different from other Pentaxians. From that moment, S'rR's developed an obsession with Marcus Kane, unconsciously imprinting him, as is typical amongst Pentaxians upon reaching sexual maturity, and frequently fantasizing that he would return to Pentaxia and take her to visit the Federation.

USS Endeavour (2387-2390)
In 2387, Ch'K'rr planned to petition to enable Pentaxia to join the United Federation of Planets, and extended an invitation to Fleet Captain Marcus Kane, and the USS Endeavour to attend her formal coronation as empress. Little did she realize, that her First Minister, R'sH'd, held very different views as to the future of Pentaxia, and he attempted to assassinate Ch'K'rr to prevent her from making the application. During these assassination attempts, S'rR's was captured by the militia, and thrown in a cell in the palace dungeons, with Kane's chief of security, Lieutenant Commander Roger Hunt, and another guest of the empress, a traveler known as the Doctor. When the crew of the Endeavour mounted a rescue mission for Commander Hunt and the Doctor, S'rR's met Cameron Kane, her Pentaxian genetic sponsor, for the first time. Cameron was fatally wounded moments later, when R'sH'd threw his sword at S'rR's, and Cameron, not knowing of S'rR's' regenerative abilities, placed herself in the way to protect her. Fleet Captain Kane would have murdered R'sH'd for the death of his beloved wife, had S'rR's not pleaded for him to stop, so R'sH'd could be punished, and then imprisoned as he had planned for her. Introduced to the object of her obsession for the first time, S'rR's begged Kane never to leave her again, and with Ch'K'rr's blessing, she left Pentaxia aboard the Endeavour as she had dreamed of doing. From her studies of Human culture, S'rR's realised not to reveal the truth of the feelings she felt for the man Federation society considered her 'father',although they quickly developed a close bond of affection which was immediately apparent to any observer. As S'rR's would often hold Kane's arm in the manner traditionally reserved for a bonded couple, she was considered very much a "Daddy's Girl" by others. S'rR's soon developed a close friendship with Kane's Executive Assistant, Ensign Amanda Palmer, whom she came to view as her best friend, however, her relationship with Commander Jedda Tobin was colored by S'rR's' striking resemblance of Cameron. While Tobin was unable to be around S'rR's without being reminded of her own friend's untimely death, she never the less did her best to mentor S'rR's and continue her education. By the time Kane was promoted to Admiral, and made head of Starfleet Intelligence, S'rR's had grown from a friendly, if somewhat shy young teen, into a confident young woman, keen to enter Starfleet Academy.

Starfleet Academy (2391-2393)
Due to the Eugenics Wars, genetically enhanced individuals were excluded from Starfleet service, and S'rR's' initial application to attend the academy was rejected, upsetting her greatly. While he did not 'pull rank' or call in any favors, Kane was able to persuade the admissions board to reconsider their decision, due to the fact that S'rR's had simply inherited genetically enhanced traits from her 'mother', and had not been subjected to any post-natal genetic enhancements herself. He additionally cited precedent of where Doctor Julian Bashir had been allowed to retain both his Starfleet commission, and medical license, despite having been illegally genetically enhanced as a child by his parents, to treat his considerable learning difficulties. As a cadet, S'rR's studied under Admirals Janeway and Paris, and was a competent student, excelling in strategic and tactical scenarios. She quickly developed a strong circle of friends, and attracted both male and female suitors, but never felt able to entertain any of their offers. Although she did not win the Academy Marathon, she was clocked as having ran a three minute mile at one point in the race. Partway through her third year, during her Midshipman cruise aboard the USS Inconnu, S'rR's was selected for an assignment for Starfleet Intelligence, which involved accompanying Admiral Kane to Cardassia.

Starfleet Intelligence (2393)
During 2393, Starfleet Intelligence was contacted by Gul Kenett Turan, and received reports hinting at a reformation of the Obsidian Order on Cardassia. Admiral Kane put aside his long-held distrust towards Cardassians, and agreed to investigate the matter personally. In attempting to fabricate a cover story, it was determined that the simplest ruse, a vacation, would allow the most freedom of movement. To aid in this deception, S'rR's was selected as the most plausible traveling companion. Following the destruction of the shuttle Equinox in 2387, Kane had sequestered another Delta-Class shuttle, the Zenith, for his personal use, and he used it to rendezvous with the Inconnu, to collect S'rR's, before journeying on to Cardassia via civilian transport. Upon arrival, Kane and S'rR's were arrested almost immediately, and it was revealed that Gul Turan was in fact the son of a Glin whom Kane had killed on Bajor thirty four years previously during the Cardassian occupation. The fact that Glin Turan had been attempting to r@pe a Bajoran child was of little consequence, or indeed comfort to Gul Turan, who refused to believe his father capable of such acts, and Kane was subsequently found guilty of his murder. While S'rR's could have had no part in the Glin's death, she was instead found guilty of espionage and conspiracy against the Cardassian people. In an attempt to make Kane suffer before being executed, Gul Turan stabbed S'rR's through the spine with Kane's taj'tiq, as Kane had done to his father. When her healing abilities restored her, Turan decided to commute the death sentences to life imprisonment in one of the gulags in Cardassia's northern continent. For two years, Kane protected S'rR's from the brutality of the guards, who made attempting to r@pe her their goal, and he frequently had to fight them to prevent them from succeeding, but one morning, Kane awoke to find S'rR's kissing him. Shocked at her behavior, he demanded an explanation, leaving her with no option but to explain that for the past ten years, she had been emotionally bonded to him, having imprinted on him when she reached sexual maturity. Kane's Human cultural values found the idea scandalous, as he considered S'rR's his daughter. S'rR's countered this by asking him at what point in Kane's marriage she had been conceived. When Kane admitted that it was true that S'rR's had not been conceived through union with his wife, S'rR's pointed out another interpretation of the situation: That as she was a binary clone, not biological offspring, she could more realistically be considered a genetic reincarnation of Cameron, than she could Kane's daughter. When Kane denied this, very calmly, S'rR's kissed him once more, then sat back, allowing him to make his own decision, but knowing that her seduction was complete. After five years in the gulag, S'rR's and Kane were released as part of a prisoner exchange program. They were repatriated aboard the USS Dauntless, a Defiant-Class starship under the command of now Captain Roger Hunt. Their experiences in the gulag made it impossible for them to return to the father-daughter relationship which others expected from them, and their relationship became public knowledge when holo-photographers saw them leaving the Pyramid Club in San Francisco.

Starfleet Academy (2399)
After a period of therapy and recuperation on Caladan, in the Kane family home, S'rR's returned to the academy to sit her final exams. As she was given academic credit for her experiences on the mission for Starfleet Intelligence, she did not need to repeat her Midshipman cruise or the final academic year, after submitting a thesis on Cardassian sociology.

USS Valkyrie (2399)
Due to her experiences in the Cardassian gulag, despite the counseling she received, S'rR's was reluctant to be separated from Kane for any lengths of time, and she requested to be assigned as his formal attache. He agreed, on the condition that she take part in a mission aboard a starship, to try and assist with her re-integration into active duty, and to restore her self-reliance. The Nova-Class USS Valkyrie, under the command of now Captain Amanda Palmer, had been assigned to formally make First Contact with the Zildarni, and this was felt to be an easy mission, and under the aegis of someone she considered as a true and dear friend. The assignment had another therapeutic level, as S'rR's was welcomed on board by Chief Engineer Lieutenant Meliden Bowen. The unexpected sight of the Cardassian officer was enough to trigger a panic attack, until S'rR's calmed enough to be spoken to rationally, where she learned that Bowen had been orphaned as a baby during the Dominion War, and adopted by Human parents. Raised in the Welsh village of Portmeirion, she had had no contact with other Cardassians, and had a considerable distaste for Cardassian society in general. During the trip to Zildar, S'rR's maintained daily subspace communications with Kane, and found a mentor in the form of First Officer Commander Rynar Lambert, who assigned her relief tactical duties as refresher training to cover ground missed during her Midshipman cruise. Arriving at Zildar, S'rR's was part of the away team, where her upbringing in the Pentaxian Royal Court came into its own, allowing her to cope effortlessly with the various dignitaries and formality of the ceremonies held. The only unanticipated aspect of the mission, was when the away team were gifted with tattoos, performed in the traditional manner with sharpened hand tools. The inevitability of the situation almost panicked S'rR's, until she realized that to refuse the tattoo would not only be a grievous insult, but would undo all the work of the past days, and so she took her turn and sat before the shaman. When the tattoo was applied, her healing abilities caused the damaged skin to heal almost immediately, allowing the shaman to work with a precision he had never before known. Thus inspired, rather than the simple design element he had tattooed on the upper arm of each of the other officers, he continued working for hours and imparted the full design, which covered S'rR's' entire left arm from shoulder to mid-forearm, as well as extending across her upper chest, shoulder, and shoulder blade. When the tattoo was completed, the away team returned to the Valkyrie, their diplomatic obligations fulfilled.

Starfleet Intelligence (2400)
Returning to Earth, the mission a success, S'rR's was finally allowed to assume her role as Admiral Kane's attache, which involved numerous classified missions.

USS Valkyrie (2409)
In 2409, S'rR's was once more temporarily assigned to the USS Valkyrie, to act as an observer for Starfleet Intelligence during its mission to New Romulus. The mission gave her the chance to once more work with her former mentor, Commander Lambert, in the investigation of unusual incidents around the new capital. Tracking the sensor anomalies into the Vastaam Peaks, S'rR's and Lambert came under attack by what they discovered to be Tal Shiar operatives. S'rR's killed one of the operatives, by disemboweling them with her claws, where Lambert was able to subdue his own attacker in a less lethal manner, and the operative was taken into custody aboard the Valkyrie. While undertaking a simple mission to deliver medical supplies to a Federation research colony in the Lantaru Sector, S'rR's was informed that Kane had been killed by his Mirror Universe counterpart, who had required a genetic transfusion to heal him of a fatal Cardassian virus. In her grief, S'rR's initially planned to travel to the Mirror Universe to bring the counterpart back, so his death might restore Kane to life, but when she replicated a TR-116A sniper rifle, this came to the attention of Operations Manager Lieutenant Brandon Mayer, who was Officer of the Watch of gamma shift, and he intervened to prevent her from undertaking the potentially lethal mission, as it would not have been what Kane would have wanted for her to do. Following Kane's death, S'rR's inherited the family estate, including a castle on Caladan, an office complex on Vulcan, and controlling interest in Kane Industries, the technological Research and Development bureau which maintained the family prestige, and had until that point, been run by Kane's cousin, Simon Kane. Obviously unable to maintain her position as Kane's attache, unwilling to work with his successor, and feeling ill-qualified to enter a corporate environment, S'rR's took compassionate leave, and remained on Caladan for a period of time. After some weeks, during which her psychological state began to deteriorate, and her behavior became increasingly eccentric, she was encouraged by Amanda Palmer to accept a request from Ch'K'rr to become Pentaxia's cultural ambassador to the Federation. Resigning her Starfleet commission, and accompanied by a security escort from the Pentaxian militia, she returned to the Valkyrie in the capacity of a roving ambassador. Following the destruction of the Valkyrie in the Moab system, although she was not formally re-assigned by either Starfleet Command or the Empress Ch'K'rr, S'rR's chose to follow her ersatz family to the USS Vanguard, to continue her ambassadorial duties, supporting Captain Palmer during her board of inquiry.

Service Record
Assignment History
2391  Starfleet Academy Basic Training
2391-92 Starfleet Academy Freshman Cadet
2392-93 Starfleet Academy Sophomore Cadet
2393  USS Inconnu Midshipman
2393 Starfleet Intelligence Operative
2399  Starfleet Academy Senior Cadet (Security Division)
2399  USS Valkyrie Captain's Escort
2400  Starfleet Command Attache
2409  USS Valkyrie Tactical Observer

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