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could also be that the ambassador class are popular for 20 to 40 years with starfleet crews and even in 2409starfleet and people because the ambassador class are the great grandfathe to all starfleet capial starships.

the first ambassador class starships look a little too much like the old consitution class star ships from the first federation klingon cold war'so there was no ambassador class but with early galaxy style necells.

as the 25th century cold starfleet/klingon war keeps going on that the klinongs are starting to want to rebuild outposts at nurenda 3 and camp khitomer. this time new romulus refused for the klinongs to build outposts in both nurenda 3 and camp khitomer and ask for federation's and starfleets aid to keep the klingons out?

mean time the tal sh'yar wanted the klinongs to build outpost at nurenda 3 and camp khitomer but because the strain to both the tal sh'?ar and the klingons that both forces had to wait for resorces tobuild the 2 new outpost. it was til november 2412 invade and build new outpost

all that the romulans and strarfleet could muster up for the first waves of defence of nurenda 3 and camp khitomer was 7 earth starfleet replica early starfleet nx enterprise and 20 romluan 22nd century birds of prey. being out class in fire power and sheilds it was decided that camp khitomer was the priortity to defend.

this is where the retrofited and new ambassador fleet come in to save the day at bothnurenda 3 and camp khitomer in february atarfleet also made a few ambassador class starships with akira saucer though with 2 fighter wings