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Originally Posted by dnaangel9 View Post
The Armitage by no means out DPS's all other escorts. Not sure where you are getting that information from. The fighters? minuscule dps aka non noticeable even on open hull. Danube's are okay to catch players off gaurd, Maybe. Any good escort pilot will be using enough skills to negate their tractors and in some cases using fighters are a Armitage pilots downfall as you can get 1 shotted or damn near close to if a pilot aims a Iso charge off your fighters. The Armitage is a good ship is you feel like spending the money for it, but its by no means OP or anything like that. Fought atleast 30 of these even by notable PvP pilots and ive yet ot lose to a single one. Arma is a non challenge as long as your setup properly to combat anything it can throw at you. Not to mention you dont have 2 ltc tact skills at your disposal.

Not sure what the OP is crying about, you bought a ship and now your regretting it? well yea because it is overhyped. Scale its stats to mirror the fleet version? thats ignorance my friend, then there would be no point in havign the fleet version then.
You probably didn't notice that the OP posted in July. Before the Fleet Armitage was even mentioned. This is the danger of creating a zombie from a dead thread...