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The Armitage is a remarkable escort. It's by no means the best escort in the game, but from my perspective it is the best escort that holds a Starfleet pedigree.

I buy pretty much each new federation ship as they are released. I have tried the Jem Hadar bug - clearly the best escort of all in terms of damage potential. My Klingon toon is now working his way through the various ships available. The Siege Grumba is a lot of fun, but it isn't Klingon. That brings me back to the qualities of the Armitage.

The Armitage is an under armoured, over powered gunship. And I love her. She's my fun ship to play. Shields always straining, yet she's always ready and willing to deliver a devastating hail of torpedoes to anyone or anything. She was my first build that I could take on a cube single handedly. I have found myself playing without the fighters, really not needing them in combat.

I just don't get the argument that she needs more of anything.

The introduction of the revised OMEGA passives and weapons makes the Armitage a significantly more dangerous weapons platform. I've replaced the forward quantum launcher with the new OMEGA torpedo, and one of the rear turrets with the Cutting beam. The passive 2.5% bonus of +700 kinetic per shot AND the chance of bypassing shields entirely is an amazing boost. The game changer in my opinion is the damage potential of the OMEGA torpedo. The HY is really for stationary targets due to it's speed, but Spread III is a sight to behold. Spread III + Photon Point Defense against 6 targets - seriously how much more fun can you have.

Yes, I'll would love to have another console position, higher hull and shields. A Commander science Boff would make her truly formidable. But it's not necessary.

Admiral Thrax

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