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# 1 What the Ambassador should be.
12-19-2012, 08:38 PM
I think the Ambassador as an Enterprise was a Scientific cruiser in a war time setting. since we don't know to much of what happaend after the B was launched the entire timeframe of the C is only speculation and a few facts. Like fact the Romulans were being *******s to the Klingons after Khitomer Accords were signed. thus. this is my idea for the Ambassador in STO.

Heritage Heavy Cruiser
It should have the Basic Enterprise-C skin as well as the Yamaguchi Design.
900 Crew
4 Fore Weapons
4 Aft Weapons
Bridge Officer Layout.
Commander Engineer
Lieutenant Commander Science
Lieutenant Engineer
Lieutenant Tactical
Ensign Tactical.
4 Engineering Console Slots
3 Science Console Slots
2 Tactical Console Slots
I expect it's special console to be something like a big blue tachyon beam that can rip shields for 12 seconds.

When this comes out I expect the Alternate TNG uniform's from the episode "Yesterday's Enterprise" to come out in the Z-Store.

I think secretly Captain Gecko agree's with me.

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