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Originally Posted by reginamala78 View Post
I wonder, the Breen Transphasic Cluster Torpedo, that thing does like a dozen hits. Do they each get a seperate chance for the Graviton proc?
Yeah pretty much the only thing super special about that one is.. that its the only actual weapon that launches mines that can be on the forward weapons layout. Although I would say that its a seperate chance per mine. Although the major weapons on a B'rel or a setup strong with projectiles like that one the way it is working right now is its a high chance of 12 mines and 4 torpedoes for 16 projectiles in one volley there for none of those to even penetrate the shields of the target. Which as it stands right now it would only be viable in pve because the only bomber setup right now that works decently is the plasma but in pvp you can just hit hazard emitters and nuke it although the attacker using the bomber is taking a lot more risk for little gain with a b'rel because of no shields. Although I don't see why they don't push it out for a decent amount for the b'rel especially for pvp because of the fact it would make people who do pvp on fed side instill value in that emission seeking torpedo.

Edit: The getting the b'rel up to par with how its designed to actually work which STO hasn't gotten ships meant to be torpedo/projectile boats up to where they need to be would not only put a higher value with pvp on the console for feds but also attract more players to the KDF because that enhanced battle cloak didn't get much screen time but was one of the best battles in trek lore.

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