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This is just a thought I've been having today, and that Technician DOFFs, are rather on the borderline of being OP. They are in that they can reduce so many cool downs for ALL BOFF abilities, at the cost of only one LT. engineer slot, and 3 space DOFF slots. Compare that to say AP DOFFs, which are very powerful, they only affect though, 3 abilities, nothing more, and can even allow for nearly 100% uptime just about on those.

Yet Technicians reduce ALL cooldowns, and tacs also have Tac Initiative, while Scis can use Photonic Officer (not often seen, but it's out there), along with the Fleet Elite Deflectors, and various other DOFFs to reduce CDs.

Engineers and engineering abilities...not quite so much.

So, my main thought is this:

Change Technicians to only affect Engineering cooldowns. I know that'd piss off a lot of people, but honestly, there's so much out there that helps tacs and scis hugely with CDs, not so much for engineers. The purple Technicians would still reduce CD by 10% each.

Now that would bring them more 'evenly' with the other two classes in that each would have their own unique means of reducing CDs. I know as it stands, any class can use an AtB build, but it also means that it helps everyone equally, and thus the power difference between the three classes really isn't changed.

I doubt this will be a very popular idea of course, but it's one I wanted to put out.
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