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12-19-2012, 11:21 PM
I'm not really for the idea. As it is, it is true that the cooldown reduction is very useful. However, one has to bear in mind that using Aux2Bat has a very large opportunity cost. It

a) Takes up one or even two Lt BoFF slots that could be used for other things


b) Dampens Aux power significantly. Due to the fact that many standard heals rely on Aux power, this renders an Aux2Bat user more squishy with his weaker heals.

Furthermore, to achieve sufficient benefits from the cooldown reduction to warrant slotting Aux2Bat, three Purple technicians are often needed. Taking up 3 out of your 5 available active DoFF slots carries, again, a significant opportunity cost as that person would lose out on many other useful Doff abilities.

In other words, I believe that the large opportunity cost of mounting the Technician combo renders the Doffs fairly balanced, if just a smidgen on the OP side.

Finally, affecting engineering powers alone would not be a good way of nerfing Technicians, IMO. This is because using the lieutenant stations for A2B would then be almost the same as running copies of engineering powers in those two stations.

Just my two cents.