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Hi guys,

I've made a map of New Romulus (Mol'Rihan) that I want to share with the community.

It's called New Romulus 2012 v1 and hopefully there will be future versions.

New Romulus 2012 v1 (imageshack)

New Romulus Accolades v2 (imageshack) - Accolades on STO Wiki

Mimey's Guide to Epohhs (imageshack) - To the Guide

Warehouse Alpha-2 v1 (imageshack) - New Romulus: Warehouse on STO Wiki

Mountain Pass v1 (imageshack) - New Romulus: Mountain Base on STO Wiki

Paehhos Caves v1 (imageshack) - New Romulus: Overgrown Caves on STO Wiki

Underground Ruins v1 (imageshack) - New Romulus: The Power Source on STO Wiki

Please post any feedback here, send via ingame mail to Newt@idrona or find me on STO Wiki (Idrona).

EDIT: Of course I noticed some flaws on the 1st map once uploaded, d'oh.. Fixed now. Added the Accolades map. Added the Epohh Guide map. Added the Warehouse map. Ninja edited the Warehouse map. Added the Mountain Pass map. Added the Paehhos Caves map. New version of the Accolades map. Added the Underground Ruins map.

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