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12-20-2012, 12:38 AM
I'm not sure what Cryptics intentions were when changes to Aux2Bat were made and if they had double Aux2Bat builds in mind, but I don't see them as being OP per se. For a large number of ships and roles they simply aren't viable at all (escorts, healers, most sci ships), either by not having enough engineering capabilities or just because of too many drawbacks. They are still niche builds.

Builds like tactical cruisers or the vet ship for example, where double Aux2Bat can be utilized are powerful tools for the role they are trying to fulfill, but as scurry has said it comes with a price. You need 2 lt. engineering slots, 2 or 3 doffs (depending on their quality), you can't use Aux2SIF, unreliable aux power for science skills, you basically have to run EPtA and aux batteries. Yes it will double all remaining skills, but it also demands a lot.

For me such builds come with enough cons to justify the pros. Things that could be discussed as being op or at least questionable are, how specific skill work with Aux2Bat. For example Warp Plasma being active longer than it's cooldown could be questioned, but IMHO that's something that should be addressed by looking at the powers and not by destroying whole build options.

Edit: As for the power levels, they aren't as impressive as people may think. Compare it to an escort. Running 125 weapons and 50 shields plus an EPtS / EPtE Damage Control Eng cycle almost does the same without eating your aux power for a good amount of time. The additional power is nice, but not as much of an advantage as it sounds and definitly not the selling point.
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