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12-20-2012, 12:48 AM
Originally Posted by zahinder View Post
I'm allergic to video, but thanks anyway.

I hit a problem where I really wanted a rather clean, simple small space, but everything I could find either had loads of props or absurdly high ceilings. Thankfully, the way lighting works, a platform to cut the ceiling down and some walls to block the rest of the complex works fine. It's slightly darker, but that actually works for what I'm doing. The map looks goofy, but whatever.

I also considered making an 'indoor map' constructed in the same outdoor map you start in, but floating 500 units above. If you make it JUST high enough, the ceiling would get cut off and you could the interior in map. Yay!
Eeeeexcept the outdoor map I'm using has snow baked into the map. Sigh.
That's fine, you don't have to watch it. But, I do think it probably would end up saving you time if you do decide to make a custom interior. I'm not just trying to pimp my work.

Anyway, good luck in your efforts.

Click here for my Foundry tutorial on Creating A Custom Interior Map.