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12-20-2012, 01:24 AM
You don't get any special bridges with the Vesta.

The differences are:

1) Each version has a different special console with an active ability. The Phaser Lance you mentioned is only on the Tactical oriented variant (Reconnaissance).

2) Each version has a different passive energy bonus. The Tac version has +5 Weapon Energy and +10 Auxillary, while the Science oriented one has +15 Auxillary. The Engineering oriented variant has +5 Shield power and +10 Auxillary.

3) Each version has a different console slot layout.

Tactical: 4 Tac, 2 Eng, 4 Sci
Engineering: 3 Tac, 3 Eng, 4 Sci
Science: 3 Tac, 2 Eng, 5 Sci

In all other aspects, the ships are identical. Those are the only differences. Oh and each has a different skin. You can only use the skin of the variant you bought.

I wouldn't pick the Engineering oriented one, but the other two are equally interesting depending on what you intend to do with the ship.