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12-20-2012, 01:49 AM
I don't think it makes a lot of sense to build this intricate system of global cool downs only to provide something that so easily circumvents that system. In some other games you have to go to great lengths to speed up your attacks/defenses even just a little bit, which is still a very significant thing.

If you were limited to using only one Tech doff and left them alone, or if you reduced the effect of three stacked to the level of a single Tech doff, that would be more balanced. Currently, Aux2Bat & Techs work on every Boff ability, including itself and additional Aux2Bats, basically allowing you to chain certain long term cool down abilities before the first instance is done being used (war plasma, for example). A Cruiser doesn't even need more than two different Emergency Powers and I haven't tried but can probably make it with just one.

I like the idea behind this combination. I especially like that they boosted a lackluster skill to make it a viable option again. It just seems like their typical over reaction. Maybe the idea was to touch it up once significantly enough that it'll shut us up and they can leave it alone. I understand they have other things to do be we really need more carefully planned adjustments. Anything they might do now to bring it back in line is going to hurt because some builds are built around having effectively 1.75 times more Boff skills available than any other no boldly ship.

Limiting us to one Doff, or reducing the three stacked bonus to the current level of a single doff, would still be very effective without totally disregarding the existing system of cool downs. I suspect that, in spite of some recent conversations over the past few months, most people haven't used it to discover just how powerful this combination is. It's really not as costly as you might think. It would be nice to see some movement on this before too many get too attached if at all possible.
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