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Originally Posted by anakos View Post
do I need a specific Medical officer to fill sickbay,
Sickbay only gets used if one of your duty officers is injured while working on a mission. No doctor is needed for this. But yu can run medical missions with your doctors in addition. While an injured officer is in the sickbay you cannot use them for real missions. So an empty sickbay is what you want.

and a specific Security Officer for the brig?
Your brig holds prisoners. You get them as a reward for various duty officer missions. Klingons get many more than federation.

You didn't ask but you also will see "passengers". These are colonists and refugees. Colonists youget as a reward for the "resettle colonists" mission, and refugees you get from running missions in the explore zones.

Also, my department heads are the original duty officers I picked up from lvl 1-10. Can I change that? I looked in the department head tab and it didn't look like I could.
You are confusing Bridge Officers with Duty Officers. Your department heads are your bridge officers. You can swap them using a pull-down menu but only if you have extras. So if you had three science bridge officers you could have one as your science department head, one as your medical department head, and the third being a lazy bum doing nothing. Technically speaking the department head has no game impact except their face shows up when you are looking at missions in that department.

And as I was in my ready room I noticed certain diplomatic and other assignments, none of which I could do for either the reason of not having the right officer or some other reason. Anyone able to help me? It would be appreciated.
On each mission you cannot start there are one or more red icons in the bottom right. These tel you why you cannot start it. Let's say you want to do a "audit credentials of a biologist" but it says you don't have a required duty officer. Then you can go to starfleet academy and talk to the personnel officer. She gives you a mission to get 2 random science officers. One might work. Or you can go to the auctionhouse and buy a biologist, they tend to cost about 5,000 EC which is a very low price (expensive white-quality duty officers can run over 50,000 Energy Credits).

Other missions might require money, or commodities like medical supplies or an astrometric probe. And there are a few that need rare commodities like Ferasan Nepeta leaves that you can only get via very rare duty officer missions (or buy from people on the auctionhouse).

When you are first starting out the biggest problem is that you don't have enough duty officers. Try to visit starfleet academy every two days and talk to the vulcan, tellarite and andorian ambassadors for one free duty officer from each. Then talk to the personnel officer and she has 5 missions for you that each give multiple duty officers. After two weeks you'll have quite a nice collection and be doing much better in terms of having a selection of missions you can do.