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12-20-2012, 04:16 AM
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Back on topic....

Battlecloak is fine as well. Speed isn't. These ships should be quite a bit more speedy out the gate.

And if you use one of the heavy bop's you can get the hull up over 40k using jevonite. Hey the option is there. 43k hull in a bop. Lulz ensue.

I'm rocking 21.4k hull about now. It discourages you from playing escort. And that is fine. Give it a speed boost. Really giving up all that hull should count for a bit more in the flat out speed category.

Cheers and happy flying.
Yeah, wish they had given the fleet BoPs a .22 impulse mod so we can keep up with the ridiculous JHAS and now the Steamrunner. Turning rate is fine, especially with Pattern Omega to buff it, but that speed is just not enough anymore. I run 78 engine power when on my attack preset, and the JHAS can still outrun me (and in some cases out-turn me), and some Federation escorts can keep up unless I use Impulse Capacitator.