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12-20-2012, 04:13 AM
Originally Posted by nagorak View Post
Invisible walls are still working for me. I have found, like you, that some of the old "work arounds" still work better than using the NPC/Enemy appear/disappear feature.

Are you using "Invisible Wall - Tall"s? If so, make sure you are placing their Y value to be slightly below ground so that you can be sure there isn't a gap at the bottom that can be seen through (putting the Y value down by 5 or so should be sufficient, and the invisible wall - tall will still stick up quite a bit higher). Also, it might help to put a double layer of walls so that the player's boffs can't jump through and trigger the enemies accidentally.

I'd also suggest boosting the Y value of the enemies so that they are off the ground. They'll still spawn on the ground, regardless of whether they are set slightly off the ground. However, it will ensure they don't spawn beneath the ground. It sounds to me like your NPCs are spawning beneath the ground and thus seeing beneath the invisible walls.
Thanks bud. I will give this a try. Hopefully this works