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Originally Posted by tachyonharmonic View Post
I can clear that up for you. A few things that come to mind are the dishonesty surrounding the Season 7 launch,
"Dishonesty"? What do you mean?

KDF left out in the cold for content possibly because they don't make as much money as the FED stuff, and the increasing amounts of grind/time gated content the game is moving towards.
Seriously, that seems to be quite a vocal minority position.

Some people are managing their emotions and their gameplay experience badly. Nothing Cryptic does will change that, only those people can.

I concentrate on a single toon at a time, over weeks, with playing the others only occasionally during that time. Guess what, I have a lot of fun with the Reputation systems (tier 4/4 on my current main, 2/2 on two others, rest 0/0), and will have that fun for months to come over the other toons (next one being my first of four Klingons), even when my first toon has reached tier 5.
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