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12-20-2012, 07:24 AM
I dont agree with the time the sale ends. I live here on the Eastern Seaboard and many of us dont get paid until the very same time game has maintence done to it, at 10am, and cant access ANYTHING excpet the forum for the next 2 hours. How is it fair for those who live on the eastern seaboard who want to do last minute key shopping, myself included because i have at least 400 lock boxes in my inventory, when we cant access the zen store until the game is finished being worked on? If there is maintance being done the 27th are we still going to be allowed to access the "zen shop?"

I also agree with previous notions that the EC economy is all fracked up. People are just to bloody greedy. I mean placing something that shouldnt cost more than a 50,000 EC as 900,000,000 EC?! Who the hell has that much?! If you truly want to get rid of your items that you dont want give them a reasonable price. People starting off should NOT have to pay nearly 2 million EC for a GD lockbox key or example given 900,000,000 for a rare starship or console. Its prices like that, that ruin the game for those who are new because it sets an imposible goal for them to reach, and by the time they reach 9 out of 10 times the item they wanted is gone or the price has been increased.