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12-20-2012, 08:50 AM
The box office ratings were a number of factors in my view.

it was right around Christmas when everyone has spent their money and are probably being a bit more careful what they buy, it was sandwiched between a couple of huge films (one was either harry potter or lord of the rings and i think the other was a james bond film). it was released after insurrection which was a fine star trek film, but not so much for the casual so it had no big reputation going in and it got mixed reviews.

if it had been released after first contact, in the summer with no big blockbusters around it, i think it would have done much better.

i remember loving the film when i saw it and thought it was the best one. repeat viewings have made me see the cracks and flaws in the film but i still enjoy it.

i think its gets more flack than it deserves but it could have been better, and could have been marketed better.

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