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Heya Dudes!

I reach in a few days the TIER III Shipyard and there is a plenty of provisions ready to use.
I am not thinking of buying every day a new Fleet Ship and so is enough to give.

You are thinking "ooh, another freak who tries to make profit with something..."
This is the point:

I don't want your Dilithium
I don't want your Ec's
I don't want your Doff's
I don't want to make you spending something for my projects whatever


1. This is my way to give the community something back of the profit i needed to make with the exchange-game.
2. I want to avoid that people "betray" other Player.
3. WE are all a part of the Game - WE are Star Trek. Let's feel the spirit, walk the Star Trek together and be kind to each other.

and the most important thing:

"Be excellent to each other and Party on Dudes!"

You want a TIER I-III Fleet Ship? (example Ships)
You have the Fleet Modules and the Fleet Credits?
Send me a message or answer this Thread i add you.

And than?
Hey, you can stay in the Fleet (every kind Dude is welcome - there is no "must" in my Fleet) and you can leave - no problem. Or you join and leave like a Saloon Door - really, as long you are a kind/polite/funny person you can have everything of me and every support you want!