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12-20-2012, 09:10 AM
The plot was shallow, too much action with next to no story.
The villain was 2 dimensional, a cliche' bad guy with no subtlety in his actions doing pointless random evil things like assassinating the Romulan senate, which served no real purpose in his goal to get to Picard, psychically raping Troi which would only served to further isolate him from his goals, hacking B4 which given the Enterprise crew's experience with other Soong androids, they should have been much more careful with, but weren't.
The whole scene with Picard and company tooling around in a dune buggy finding pieces of B4 lying on the ground before being attacked by a bunch of Mad Max wannabes was pointless and made Picard look like a reckless idiot. A main point of the movie was that the team was breaking up and going it's separate ways. Riker and Troi are getting married and going to a new ship. Data is killed off only to be given a miracle save by having copied his memories into B4.
It almost seemed like everyone was saying "This is the end, we're tired of Star Trek, let's get this over with".