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12-20-2012, 08:14 AM
There were a couple of little things I didn't like about it (such as the photo of Picard being bald as a cadet, when TNG had clearly established him having hair as an adult) for the most part, I really enjoyed it, especially when Picard sent the IM from the command chair to the helm (I now know how Tom and Harry would spend boring duty shifts ) I liked the idea of Shinzon being a clone of Picard (I suspect created from DNA acquired from his previous mission to Romulus with Data to find Spock) and thought Hardy played the part brilliantly (although I will admit a bias, as Tom Hardy is one of my favorite actors) I absolutely loved Donatra, and ironically, never even recognized Dina Meyer till the credits rolled, but I thought she was a fantastic character, and deserved better than what STO did to her I can kind of understand why people didn't like it, but I had no issue with it