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12-20-2012, 09:17 AM
Personally I'm torn between liking and disliking nemesis

Quite a bit of it felt.. unnecessary

The argo, yeah i guess the vehicle would be a bit better than a shuttle, but meh

The whole Troi mind ****, it was SO unnecessary, 'what does this film need?' Mind ****. that's what nee.. uhm

Similar to unnecessary, when shinzon is impaled, he then squiges up further impaling himself to have a chat with picard.. yummy.

The scene when a reman boarding party was on the ship, shinzon's aide and riker fight on a rickety gantry over a bottomless pit.. someone explain how that adheres to health and safety regs on a starship :p

The remans themselves, yeah it adds to the romulus/remus silliness but it feels like they were wrote in simply to excuse the troi aggro i have >.<

ANY Mirror/echo/Voice metaphors, MY GOD i was sick of hearing them. 'i am the voice' 'i am your mirror' 'he's not your mirror he doesnt have a goatee' 'the echo will outlast the voice' SHARRUP! >.<

Some things kinda felt unexplained,
Shinzon baits the enterprise and picard.. with a 'older than data' Soong prototype, where the hell did he get that >.>

Shinzon's motivation for revenge, that was something i didnt understand too..
-the romulans made me, the romulans cast me into the mine, the romulans forgot about me... therefore picard and earth must die. *ahem* someone find the logic in that please

Like someone already mentioned, shinzon's actions of; I am dying... i have the power to snatch him from his ship.. lets have a natter, get to know him, **** a close friend, then wonder why I die?

And finally there was something that felt unnecessary midway through the space confrontation, the dropping the cloak bit, yes it bring the valdur closer, but could he have not just moved the ship slightly then fired? (honestly i dont understand why that happened other than dramatic shouting and explosions)
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