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12-20-2012, 08:26 AM
Engineer Captain
Dual AtB
Energy Siphon
EPS Power Transfer
Plasmonic Leech
(and when available, the AMACO Shield)

You're not going to have Aux issues. You'll spend most of your time at 125/125/80-90+/125. Heck, the Eng Pwr will likely be higher with the AMACO.

There's a bug in the system that it doesn't always drain Aux for the AtB, sometimes you'll even get the Aux from the AtB that it's giving Wep/Shd/Eng so you'll have more Aux than you started with - course, there's also the bug where it will sometimes zero Aux. When that happens, you pop an Aux battery and you're fine again - back to the steady bug of it not draining Aux and the Aux battery will likely be off of CD before you zero Aux again.

They've obviously not tested running dual AtB with 3 Tech DOFFs in conjunction with Engineers, EPtA, Energy Siphon, Leech, etc, etc, etc.

Still, I think it's a management nightmare and I definitely give props to those that can pull it off seamlessly. For me, I prefer the simpler route of running DCEs and Conns for TT and EPtS/EPtW.
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